Venus, Regulus, and Algieba are Captured in the Day Time Sky.

Venus and Regulus were 10 arc minutes apart at 9:07 AM on 10/03/2004
I had decided to image them, and was unsure of my telescope & CCD camera's ability to image well in the daytime.
After getting images of Venus and Regulus, it was time to push the limits of Extreme Astronomy.
I had to severely stop down the aperture of my 12" LX200 and limit the exposure time to 0.006 seconds.
Oh, and for what it's worth, there was a slight haze in the atmosphere!
Below are the results.

 Bright Venus in the Lower Right at Mag -4.0
"Faint" Regulus Upper Left Mag 1.3
            Images  taken  at   9:06   and   9:09   AM EDT 10/3/2004 .006 sec exp.

A Double Star in Leo's neck
Mag 2.2 and 3.5
Images Taken at 9:34 AM EDT 10/03/2004

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