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M66 & M65

Two galaxies M66 & M65

 Galaxy  M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy

 The Galactic Center of the Andromeda Galaxy M 31
M110  a companion galaxy to M31

 The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici. M51

 Galaxy M33 in Triangulum.
Updated as a mosaic 

The Antenna Galaxies NGC 4038 & NGC 4039
The Antenna Galaxies NGC 4038 & NGC 4039
View the Hubble images
If your screen is adjusted properly, you will see the antenna in both images
Left image has histogram equalization applied to bring out the antenna.

The Coma Cluster
The Coma Cluster
Almost every object is a galaxy.

The Deep Field Challange
The Deep Field Challange
Sky & Tel May 1999 Page 126
Astronomy  Picture of the Day
Congrat's to
Paul Botwood
who got the deepest image

Can you find all the Galaxies?
Can you find all the Galaxies?
NGC 7626 is the bright Galaxy on left, NGC 7619 is the bright Galaxy on right
MCG159.54 on the bottom right of center is Mag 17.7
The bright image at bottom right is a star.
Did you find eight galaxies in this image?
Image taken 10/24/97

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