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IAU Observatory Code: H92
As some of you know, I had recently begun my asteroid astrometry program. Basically, I'm measuring the
positions of Near-Earth Asteroids, and sending the data to the Minor Planet Center. So it's official my data is
acceptable. The Arcturus Observatory has been coded by the Minor Planet Center. The code is H92.
An observatory code is assigned by the Minor Planet Center upon receipt of acceptable observations.


See our Deep Field Challenge (Sky & Tel May 1999 pg.126) image in Galaxies
Plus the Coma Cluster

Griffith Observatory presented the Star Award to The Arcturus Observatory, for the week of 3/21/1999..3/27/1999.
The Messier Image Map  was awarded Astronomy Picture of the Day  on 3/18/1999 and 3/11/2000

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