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The Moon

Conjunction of  the Moon with Venus
The first astrophotograph I ever took.   May '95.
The camera lens, managed to cause a reflected image at the same time.
Thus giving 2 exposures on the same 35mm  film. 

Image taken 9/20/96 

 Image taken 8/29/96

Lunar Crescent

Daytime Lunar Occulation of Saturn, Animated
May 4th, 1997 11:15 AM EDT Moon @ 7% crescent

Composite image 12/16/97

Animation of Lunar Occultation of Jupiter 11/09/2005 11:07 AM Click links below.
Daytime Lunar Occultation of Jupiter Nov. 9th, 2004
Moon Phase 10.92%
2MB File
4 MB File

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